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this community needs more some words of advice:

--watch the L-Word!!! Showtime at 10 pm on Sundays. I'm obsessed. Hot women, lots of drama.
--go see Ani!!! She's having an awesome tour (Lydia, I am so excited to go to the Holyoke concert. Oh and by the way Lispeth doesn't have mono!!! YAY)
--kiss strangers, plant flowers, the usual hippie/compassion advice...

Who has seen bitch or animal solo?? anyone out there?

love to all.

(sorry about this confusing and random post. I am in a digital photography lab with my girlfriend who is scanning things and listening to sketchy music and really bored).
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I should definitely be working on history work, but maybe ill go garden instead...hmmm
I've seen Bitch solo a couple of times...she's really freakin good! The show still have all the energy you would expect. I am actually going to see her this saturday in cleveland. I don't have her new album yet though, does anyone have it? I know there is a song on there about Aileen Warnos. Talk to me bitches!
bitch released her own album?